Pruva Iplik

About Us


Pruva Iplik

We really love the fabric. For generations, fabric Iplik has an important place in our lives. As Pruva Iplik, we are very excited to offer a wide range of options by producing various fabrics to meet the needs of fabric lovers. Pruva Iplik which believes that love is the basis of this service we offer to our customers, We produces only fabric.

36 Years of Experience

Pruva Iplik, Pruva Iplik is a company established in Turkey, but over time, it has produced exciting new products known in the world. We export our products to many countries around the world.

Our Vision

To improve the quality of service we provide to our customers, we follow the technology closely and use innovations. To be permanent in the sector, we continuously improve our performance and thus we are among the most reliable companies. As a company, our goal is to produce quality fabrics that give the pleasure of use.